Mission & Goals

The mission of the Department of Counseling and Human Sciences is to maintain a commitment to student learning through an innovative interdisciplinary learning experience that promotes and integrates effective teaching, leadership, service and research. The faculty strive to facilitate critical thinking and a lifelong interest in learning in an environment of intellectual and spiritual freedom in an atmosphere that encourages compassion, understanding and responsibility. A comprehensive set of programs are offered to meet the needs of students interested in the general fields of applied sociology, applied psychology, human services, counseling, criminal justice and organizational leadership.


  • To create an environment for the development of critical-thinking skills because of the departments' understanding of education as a lifelong process.
  • To develop a knowledge base and skill set that enable students to interact in a diverse, technologically complex society by emphasizing the relationship between theory and practice.
  • To cultivate a community of learning characterized by high ethical standards and an understanding of diversity.
  • To provide and promote academic programs that will respond effectively to professional communities.
  • To provide and encourage opportunities for faculty development in consultation, teaching, service and research.
  • To prepare individuals to serve in a broad range of roles and positions in a variety of private and public agencies or organizations.
  • To integrate the principles and theories in an applied setting