What is the cost of attending the Substance Abuse Addiction Certification Program?

The cost of the program is $2,800.00. All program fees must be paid in full prior to starting the program. This fee does not include textbooks.

Who will actually issue my certification to practice as a substance abuse counselor?

Mercer University will issue each participant successfully completing the program a certificate of completion for the required 300 hours of addiction-specific education. Participants must apply for certification to practice as a CADC I or CADC II through the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Certification Board of your state (or state IC&RC Board) once he or she has meet all certification requirements (i.e., education, supervision, experience, exam, etc.). Mercer University does NOT grant certification to practice.

Can I get financial aid to help cover the cost of the program?

Unfortunately, this program does not qualify for financial aid (i.e., Pell grant, student loans, etc.) Mercer’s Bursar’s office can accept credit cards, check, or cash as payment.

What if I have never taken an online class? Will someone be able to help me prepare for online learning?

Yes, each cohort session begins with an orientation session designed to help participants become familiar with the online learning software and program requirements. Additionally, each online session is facilitated by an instructor in the event you need additional assistance.

Will I receive college credit in this program?

This certificate program is not designed to allow participants to earn college credit. If a participant already has a bachelor’s degree, Mercer has a Master’s degree program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, which will also allow students to also prepare for certification as a CADC I, CDAC II, MAC, etc.

How can I catch up if I am unable to complete one or more of the sessions?

If you happen to miss a module, you will be able to make up the missing module with another cohort or at the end of your program.

What is the requirement for supervision in order to apply for certification as a CADC I or CADC II?

A total of 300 supervised training hours must be documented, with a minimum of 10 hours in each of the twelve counselor core functions. This training may be part of the eligible work experience or may be completed under more than one supervisor or agency. A recommended minimum ratio is one (l) hour of supervision to ten (10) hours of practical experience. Examples of such training are observation, co-leading a skill area, solo experience, group supervision and supervision of process.

Can Mercer assist me in obtaining additional supervision hours?

Mercer University does not provide any supervision hours direct. Supervision hours are the responsibility of the participants. Students must check with the state they wish to practice in for the supervision requirements.

What is the requirement for experience in order to apply for certification as a CADC I or CADC II?

The requirement for experience is defined as supervised, paid or voluntary work experience in which the applicant has direct contact and responsibility for the alcohol or drug abuse client. For a CADC II, a total of 4,000 work experience hours must be documented. The CADC I (no bachelor’s degree) must document 6,000 work experience hours.

How many educational hours are required for certification?

A total of 300 hours of addiction-specific education must be documented.

Is this program conducted in cohorts?

Yes, the program is conducted in cohorts in an effort to allow participants to advance together through the module coursework, while allowing participants the opportunity to work in collaborative groups to help them identify areas for growth, acquire new knowledge and skills, and apply their learning.