Graduate & Professional

At Penfield College of Mercer University we believe in the transformative power of individuals. We are an intellectually vibrant, service-oriented community. Through our courageous, collaborative spirit, we prepare leaders to bring about the change that tomorrow needs today. At Penfield, our distinctive approach to learning carefully balances the study of liberal arts with a career-focused education. Here, you will discover lifelong learning opportunities for those who seek leadership roles in their communities and beyond, professional transition and advancement, and lives that have meaning and purpose. We invite you to learn with us.


Clinical Mental Health Counseling, M.S.
Clinical Mental Health Counseling, M.S./Master of Divinity (Combined Degree)
Clinical Mental Health Counseling, M.S./Master of Theological Studies (Combined Degree)
Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling, M.S.
Counselor Education and Supervision, Ph.D.
Criminal Justice and Public Safety Leadership, M.S.
Healthcare Leadership - Organizational Leadership, M.S.
Health Informatics, M.S.
Health Informatics, M.S./Doctor of Pharmacy (Combined Degree)
Human Services, M.S.
Nonprofit Leadership - Organizational Leadership, M.S.
Organizational Development and Change - Organizational Leadership, M.S.
Organizational Leadership, M.S./Master of Arts in Christian Ministry (Combined Degree)
Organizational Leadership, M.S./Master of Divinity (Combined Degree)
School Counseling, M.S.