M.S. Organizational Leadership


The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership is designed for aspiring or existing leaders from diverse professions and backgrounds who have at least eight or more years of work experience, who are interested in advanced leadership positions in the public or private sectors.  Top organizational leaders understand that leadership is not solely a matter of formal authority or power but rather of influence, integrity, spirit, and respect regardless of one’s power or authority. Effective leaders demonstrate proficiency in inquiry, creative problem solving, and examining values in decision-making. They communicate effectively using various forms of expression, such as logical, statistical, and visual. Mercer University prepares such leaders.

Students work collaboratively with faculty advisors who will help them assess and develop their leadership skills, facilitate the transfer of their academic knowledge and research designs into workplace settings, and prepare them for professional longevity. The course work challenges students to think critically and to respond reflectively in an intensive learning environment.

The degree program offers three concentrations:

  • Leadership and Organizational Development and Change
  • Leadership for the Healthcare Professional
  • Leadership for the Nonprofit Organization


The major outcomes of the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership are to instill in each program participant an understanding of and a capacity for scholarship, independent judgment, academic rigor, and intellectual honesty. Faculty and program participants have a shared obligation to work together to foster these outcomes through relationships that advance freedom of inquiry, demonstrate individual and professional integrity, and encourage common respect.

Topics include:

  • Conceptual and theoretical leadership models,
  • Leadership development,
  • The challenges of leading change
  • Strategic planning
  • Organizational theory and behavior
  • Topics that impact healthcare, nonprofit organizations and organizational development


Students take one course each eight week session. The hybrid-formatted program means that students meet 50% of the time face-to-face on Saturdays, and 50% of the time online. Each summer, when scheduled, students in the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership program are expected to attend the Leader-to- Leader Symposium.

Location(s) where program is delivered include:

  • Atlanta
  • Macon
  • Henry County