Required Admissions Materials

Application Fee 
One Letter of Recommendation
Autobiography and Career Goals


Mailing Address - All application materials and admissions correspondence should be mailed to:

Mercer University 
Office of Graduate Admissions
Penfield College 
3001 Mercer University Dr. 

Atlanta, GA 30341

Priority Deadlines

Fall Semester (August) - July 1

Spring Semester (January) - November 1

Summer (May) – April 15

Admission Requirements

Application –Complete the Application for Admissions. You may complete the Application for Admission online.

Application Fee -Please include $35 application fee ($50 for international applicants) in the form of a check or money order made payable to Mercer University. Do not send cash. The application fee is nonrefundable and cannot apply toward tuition. Former or current students of Mercer University need not submit another application fee.  Mailing address is provided above.

MAT/GRE - All applicants must take the Millers Analogy Test (MAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE)Scores must be no more than five years old at the time of application. Testing information can be provided through the official MAT or GRE website. The target score for the MAT is 397 and the target score for the GRE is 151 verbal and 143 quantitative. This is but one tool used in the decision making process. 

Unofficial MAT/GRE - If you have already taken the MAT or GRE and have the score results, we request that you include this information with the application. For example, you may submit a copy of the unofficial score report given at the time the test was taken (sometimes referred to as the "walk-out score report") or a copy of your examinees score report received through the mail. This will allow the admissions department to begin the file evaluation process. This does not replace the requirement of an official score report for those applicants who are offered admission.

Transcripts –Applicants must submit one official transcript from each college and university attended. Transcripts are required for both undergraduate (including summer school and studies abroad) and graduate course work, regardless of length of stay or if the grades are listed on another school's transcript. A transcript request form is provided to assist you in this process. Complete the transcript request form and submit it to each school's registrar. The registrar will return the transcripts to you in a sealed institution envelope. Do not open the envelope. Former and current Mercer University students need not request a Mercer University transcript. 

One Letter of Recommendation – Submit one letter of recommendation/support from a person in current or past leadership structure.

Autobiography and Career Goals– In a one to two page typed double spaced essay, briefly discuss your background, your current occupation and future goals.

Résumé - Please include a current résumé with your application.