Program Profile

Degree Requirements - 30 Semester Hours

Core Requirements (21 credit hours)

PSLD 601    Multidisciplinary View of Theories and Models of Leadership
PSLD 604    Organizational Communication, Conflict Resolution, and Negotiations
PSLD 605    Leadership and Ethics in Public Safety
PSLD 606    Seminar on Terrorism
PSLD 607    Research Analysis
PSLD 799    Master Research Report plus a Comprehensive Examination
STAT 600     Application of Statistic Design

Elective Courses – 9 hours

Students may select three of the following courses:
CRJS 625    Special Topics in Public Safety
CRJS 630    Forensic Psychology
CRJS 631    History of Corrections and Jails
CRJS 632    Deviant Behavior:  Crime, Conflict, and interest Groups
CRJS 634    Nature of Crime and Justice in the 21st Century
PSLD 602    Comparative Studies in Public Safety
PSLD 625    Special Topics in Public Safety
PSLD 632    Internship
PSLD 701    Preparation, Execution, and Coordination of Disaster Response