When and where will classes meet?

All classes meet on Mercer’s Atlanta campus for instructor-led evening classes requiring attendance just one night a week per class. Classes meet from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm and/or 7:45 pm to 10:15 pm Monday through Thursday.

How long will it take to earn this degree?

Students may pursue the degree either part-time or full-time status, and completion time is typically 24-36 months for a full-time student, though additional time or time away from full-time employment may be needed to satisfy field clinical work.

Will I be a certified school counselor once I complete this degree?

No. The Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GA PSC) requires that every candidate for the S-5 certification in school counseling has evidence of successful completion of at least three semester hours of credit for a course in the education of exceptional learners (special education), in addition to the 60 required hours of graduate credit. Candidates for the S-5 certification in school counseling must also pass the GACE II, tests 103 and 104.

What are the internship and practicum requirements?

  • Practicum (1 semester - 150 hours)
  • Internship (2 semesters - 750 hours)

Are graduate assistantships available?

No. Graduate assistantships are not available for master’s degree.

Will I need to take the GACE Program Admissions Test before being fully admitted into the School Counseling program?

Yes. All applicants to the School Counseling Program must take and pass the GACE (Georgia Assessment for Certification of Educators) Program Admission tests (Reading, Writing and Mathematics) to be fully accepted into the school counseling program. You will need to go to the ETS (educational testing services) website and register for the test then go to the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC) website and open a MyPSC account.