Program Profile

The Bachelor of Science in Human Services requires a total of 120 semester hours to complete including general education studies. Many students transfer in credits. If you have an associate degree or course credits from a regionally-accredited community or technical college, you may transfer qualifying credits toward a degree at Mercer University where we offer a comprehensive credit transfer policy.


PSYC 111 Introduction to Psychology 

SOCI 111 Introduction to Sociology

Total Major Hours 45

Foundations in Major — 30 hours

HSRV 202 Introduction to Human Services 

HSRV 230 Introduction to Interpersonal Relations 

HSRV 275 Field Services Practicum 

HSRV 306 Research Methods for Social Sciences

HSRV 370 Generalist Case Management 

HSRV 401 Multicultural Issues and Professional Practice 

HSRV 475 Internship I *

HSRV 476. Internship II*

PSYC 227 Lifespan Development 

PSYC 365 Current Psychotherapies 

Choose One Course of Study (A, B or C) — 15 hours

A. Mental Health Content Studies — 15 hours 

HSRV 330 Conflict Resolution 

PSYC 225 Prenatal through Adolescence Development OR PSYC 226 Adult Development 

PSYC 360 Psychopathology 

PSYC 361 Group Process and Practice 

SOCI 333 Social Psychology

B. Social Services Content Studies — 15 hours 

HSRV 340 Social Welfare Policy 

HSRV380 Grantmaking for the Social Sciences 

HSRV 387 Social Sciences Information Systems 

ORGL 455 Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations 

SOCI 200 Social Problems

C. Substance Abuse Services — 15 hours 

HSRV311 Substance Abuse 

HSRV316 Methods of Substance Abuse Treatment 

HSRV330 Conflict Resolution 

PSYC225 Prenatal through Adolescence Development PSYC361 Group Process and Practice

Total General Education Hours 39

Total Elective Hours 36

Total Degree Hours 120


A student must have senior status before applying for a human services internship. It is the student’s responsibility to find an internship site. At least 8 weeks prior to beginning the internship, the student must have the internship site approved by his/her faculty advisor. Internships will be completed during two sessions of the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Students must complete 6 hours of human services internship. Students may not take more than 7 internship hours during any semester. Students may take a maximum of only 10 internship hours while earning their undergraduate degree. Students will be required to take HSRV 475 and 476, each of which is three credits. Students should get a copy of the Internship Handbook, which includes both the needed forms and a detailed account of the requirements, from their center coordinator or Faculty Advisor.

Human Services Minor

Human Services Requirements (18 Semester Hours)

HSRV 202 Introduction to Human Services — 3 hours 

5 additional HSRV courses — 15 hours

Human services courses required for a student’s major may not be used toward a human services minor

Applied Psychology Requirements (18 Semester Hours)

PSYC 111 Introduction to Psychology — 3 hours 

5 additional psychology courses — 15 hours

Psychology courses required for a student’s major may not be used toward a psychology minor.