Mercer University

Program Profile

The Bachelor of Science in Informatics requires a total of 120 semester hours to complete including general education studies. Many students transfer in credits. If you have an associate degree or course credits from a regionally-accredited community or technical college, you may transfer qualifying credits toward a degree at Mercer University where we offer a comprehensive credit transfer policy.

Total Major Hours 48 

Foundations in Major — 33 hours 

INFM 110 Introduction to Informatics

INFM 120 Introduction to Computer Systems

INFM 210 Programming Concepts for Informatics

INFM 212 Web Development

INFM 310 Advanced Programming Concepts

INFM 312 Data Base Design and Informatics

INFM 350 Data Communications and Network Systems Design

INFM 455 Systems Analysis and Design

MATH 181 Calculus for the Social and Life Sciences

MATH 220 Applied Statistical Methods

MATH 230 Introduction to Abstract Mathematics 

Choose One Course of Study (A, B or C) — 15 hours

Track A: Health Information Technology — 15 hours 

IMFM 205 Survey of Health Informatics

IMFM 225 Health Informatics Standardization

INFM 335 Basic Biostatistics, Health data processing, and Literature Evaluation

INFM 345 Research Methods for Health Informatics

INFM 475 Capstone for Health Informatics

Track B: Web Development and Human-Computer Interaction — 15 hours

INFM 202 Graphics and Interface Design

INFM 322 Introduction to Multimedia and Web Design Tools

INFM 332 Client - Server Development

INFM 372 Human-Computer Interaction and Usability Study

INFM 472 Capstone for Human-Computer Interaction

Track C: General Informatics — 15 hours

INFM 301 Issues in Technology Management

INFM 321 Technology and Culture

INFM 331 Informatics, Expert Systems, and Artificial Intelligence

INFM 351 Comparative Organizational Informatics

INFM 471 Capstone for General Informatics

Total General Education Hours 39

Total Elective Hours 33

Total Degree Hours 120


Digital Forensics Minor (18 Semester Hours)

INFM 120. Introduction to Computer Systems
INFM 210. Programming Concepts for Informatics
CRJS 375. Criminal Investigation
CRJS/INSY 391. Computer Privacy, Ethics, Crime and Society
DGTF 390. Digital Forensics I
DGTF 490. Digital Forensics II

Informatics Minor (18 Semester Hours)

INFM 110. Introduction to Informatics
INFM 322. Introduction to Multimedia and Web Design Tools
Four additional courses in INFM/INSY at the 200 level or above