Program Profile

The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies requires a total of 120 semester hours to complete including general education studies. Many students transfer in credits. If you have an associate degree or course credits from a regionally-accredited community or technical college, you may transfer qualifying credits toward a degree at Mercer University where we offer a comprehensive credit transfer policy.

Total Major Hours 39

Foundations in Major — 15 hours 

LBST 210 The Idea of the University

LBST 250 Arts and Ideas of Traditional Culture OR LBST 255 Arts and Ideas of the Emerging Modern World

LBST 275 Argument: Social Thought and Citizenship OR LBST 280 Argument: Studies in Public Discourse

LBST 450 Approaches to Interpretation

LBST 498 Liberal Studies Capstone (16-Week Course, to be taken in student’s last semester)

Choose One Concentration Option of Study — 24 hours

Students may choose either the two-concentration option consisting of two areas of study of four courses each (12 credit hours per concentration) or the one concentration of eight courses (24 credit hours). These options are designed to allow individuals to tailor the program towards their personal and/or career goals. Concentrations include:


  • Communication Studies
  • Historical Studies
  • Literary Studies
  • Religious Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies

  • American Studies
  • Religion and Society
  • Education and Society
  • Literature and Society
  • History and Society
  • Rhetorical Studies
  • Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Writing
  • Women's and Gender Studies

Individualized Studies

In consultation with an advisor, a student may propose a program of study of either one or two concentration(s) not included in the concentrations mentioned above. Students may also choose concentrations in Mathematics or Science offered and approved by the College's Mathematics, Science and Informatics Department.

For specific courses consult the Mercer University catalog.

Total General Education Hours 39

Total Elective Hours 42

Total Degree Hours 120