About Us

The Center for the Study of Narrative (CSN) was founded in January 2014 by Dr. Don Redmond with the generous support of the Georgia Compassion Project and the faculty and administration of Penfield College and Mercer University. Our first narrative interview took place on January 9, 2014 at King’s Bridge retirement community in Atlanta.
CSN targets several areas of Mercer's 10-year strategic plan, including service learning, learning in community, 'challenging, holistic, and transformational learning,' and the development of signature programs encouraging interdisciplinary dialogue and collaborative research among disciplines. We are based in Room 485 of the Atlanta Administration and Conference Center however CSN serves the wider Mercer University community.

Our Team

Meet our 2017-2018 Student Fellows and Narrative Interviewers

Jonathan D. Brown

Graduate Fellow

Jonathan "JB" D. Brown is a second year PhD student in Counselor Education and Supervision in Penfield College of Mercer University. JB returns to the Narrative Center in hopes to continue aiding in the progression of the center and the field, by finding and utilizing resources that will benefit interviewers and interviewees. His professional work revolves around adolescent and young adults in various inpatient and outpatient settings, and rehabilitation counseling. His work, time in his Masters program, and personal life have reinforced his notion that no matter what path we are on in life, we all share some common factor. He has always enjoyed storytelling, and believes that wisdom and insight can be gleaned from anyone's story, they just need the opportunity to tell it and someone to listen.

Mary E. Teem

Narrative Interviewer

Mary Elizabeth Teem is currently pursuing a PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision, and works as a staff therapist at Atlanta Center for Eating Disorders. Her work with children in the inner-city of Atlanta, her personal and volunteer experience with the LGBT community as well as understanding her own story has led her to believe in the healing power of Narrative. She is most interested in how counselors can use the stories clients tell themselves and believe about themselves to write a new, healthier narrative. She believes that in creating narratives, clients can see their own situation more clearly. Mary Elizabeth's own journey has lead to her interest in developing narrative as a foundational technique in counseling.

Toni F. Monroe

Narrative Interviewer

Toni Monroe BS, IC&RC, LCDC II, NCAC II, has worked with families and individuals struggling with addiction for the last 25 years. For the last eight years, she has worked with a gender specific program focused on gay men, bisexuals and transgender individuals as senior counselor. While there she helped develop the outpatient program and taught other professionals how to empower LGBT individuals to meet the challenge of addiction. She is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Mercer University and is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor II and with a National and international certification. She is currently developing digital stories to help individuals to gain the ability to tell or retell their story. Upon completion of her Masters degree, Ms. Monroe plans to continue with the pursuit of Higher Education to receive her PHD to teach on academia level.

Marlon Williams

Narrative Interviewer

Marlon C. Williams is currently pursuing a doctorate in Counseling Education and Supervision with a cognate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. A writer since the age of 14, his love of crafting poetic works taught him firsthand the healing power of “storytelling.” Marlon’s experiences as a standout collegiate athlete and life thereafter, fuel his passion for assisting athletes (and people in general) with improving their lives with Narrative Therapy.

Kimberly M. Griffin

Narrative Interviewer

Kimberly Griffin is a final year Ph.D. student at Mercer University majoring in Counselor Education and Supervision. Kimberly is a Licensed Associate Professional Counselor (LAPC) with a primary treatment focus on the integration of faith and psychotherapy throughout the treatment process. She has done extensive work as a case manager working with homeless families to strengthen family dynamics and increase career stability and self-sufficiency. Additionally, Kimberly has a certification in Organizational Development to better understand organizational culture and employee satisfaction as it relates to self-efficacy and stress/anxiety. Kimberly’s goals include growing her private professional counseling practice and working as a consultant to help companies offer employees personal insight to achieve ideal work experiences.

Z'Ashley McAfee

Narrative Interviewer

Z’Ashely McAfee, MS, LAPC is a Phd candidate at Mercer University. She is currently a Licensed Associate Professional Counselor in Georgia. She has worked as a therapist in her community in various capacities. She has had an interest in narrative theory since the summer of 2013. She has a passion for working with immigrants as well as women and children.

Stephanie Garcia

Narrative Interviewer

Stephanie Garcia is a first year doctoral student at Mercer University. She earned her bachelor's degree in psychology at Georgia State University and her master's degree in clinical rehabilitation counseling at Mercer University. Currently, she practices as a licensed associate professional counselor (LAPC) at a behavioral health outpatient clinic in the West Georgia area. She first joined the Center for the Study of Narrative (CSN) after the 2014 study abroad trip to Europe which was led by Dr. Redmond. She has a passion for working with the immigrant, Spanish only speaking population and has plans to expand her practice in Mexico post-doctoral program.