Research and Scholarship

CSN promotes and supports student and faculty research that is narrative in focus. We seek collaborators who have a personal interest and compassion for a particular population, we’ve conducted interviews with wide ranging themes such as veterans, seniors, other-abilities, addiction, victims of domestic violence, homeless youth, youth who have suffered the death of a parent, and cancer survivors. Within a research setting, these involve protecting the anonymity of participants according to the policies of Mercer’s Institutional Review Board.


Dr. Melanie Pavich’s work in cemetery mapping and descendant interviews with African Americans on St. Simons Island Georgia.


Dr. Charles Roberts research involving narrative interviews with Mercer University math students to help determine ways to enhance student learning.


Visiting scholar Dr. William Randall delivered at keynote address at the Spring 2018 Atlanta Research conference on the topic of Narrative and Interdisciplinary Studies and how the field of narrative instructs his work in the field of gerontology.


Visiting scholar The Rev. Dr. Karen Scheib, Professor of Theology at Emory University, delivered the keynote address at the 4th annual Narrative Showcase event entitled “Restorying in the Wake of Grief”.


Dr. Sabrina Walthall will make the following presentation at the 2018 Narrative Matters conference entitled “Adult learners and science anxiety: the journey of each one teach one.”


Dr. Paul Gallant, Director of the Narrative Therapy Institute, conducted a workshop on Narrative Therapy in September 2017 on the Atlanta campus.


Dr. Karen Rowland and Dr. Adrienne White presented at an international Family systems conference on Social Media related to narrative creation and risks associated with adolescents and social media.

Sociology of Religion

Dr. Fred Bongiovanni and his project entitled “Religion Calling, Ordination, and Ministry: Narratives of Millennial Age Baptist Women in Ministry”


'The Principles and Practices of Narrative Therapy' Workshop

The Principles and Practices of Narrative Therapy' Workshop

Digital Storytelling Workshop 2016

Digital Storytelling Workshop

CIRN 2014

CIRN 2014

The Centre for the Interdisciplinary Research of Narrative at St. Thomas University

Leiden 2013

Leiden 2013

Stichting Counselling Nederland, "Counseling in the Netherlands"

 Storying Our Lives: A Narrative Approach to Human Development

 Storying Our Lives: A Narrative Approach to Human Development

A presentation by Bill Randal


Recent Penfield Faculty Narrative Activities


Don Redmond

  • Interdisciplinary University Narrative Centers, to be presented at the International Society on Narrative Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 2016 (Dr. Redmond chaired panel entitled Narrative in the Classroom and Beyond)
  • University-based Centers for research: New Methods for Collaborative Counselor Education. Presented at the Association of Counselor Supervision Conference, Philadelphia, PA. , October 2015

Suneetha Manyam

  • Exploring International Rehabilitation Counseling: Narratives of Cultural Immersion Experience, presented at the National Council on Rehabilitation Education conference in Long Beach, CA in April 2016
  • Narratives of Childhood Trauma Survivors, presented at the Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia conference in Stone Mountain, GA in May 2016

David Lane

  • Gold Stone: A Narrative Approach to Dealing with Trauma, National Youth at Risk Conference, Savannah, March 2016
  • A Narrative Approach to Trauma Recovery, presented at the Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia conference in Stone Mountain, GA in May 2016


  • Dr. Don Redmond participated in an interview with Counseling Today entitled 'Stories of Empowerment'
  • Lane, W. David, Myers, Keith J., Hill, Maurice C., and Lane, Donna E. (2016) Utilizing Narrative Methodology in Trauma Treatment with Haitian Earthquake Survivors, The Journal of Trauma and Loss
  • Lane, W. David, Myers, Keith J., and Lane, Donna E. (accepted for publication and currently in process) Brief Narrative Trauma Treatment with Survivors of Natural Disaster,  Kentucky Journal of Professional Counseling
  • Redmond, D. (2016). “Ethical and legal issues in adolescent residential treatment, adolescent groups, and working with SEBD populations” in “The Ethics of Counseling Children and Adolescents” Sartor, T.A., McHenry, W. & McHenry, J. Eds.


  • Dr. Paul Gallant led a workshop in Atlanta on September 29, 2017 entitled 'The Principles and Practices of Narrative Therapy"
    • Attendees included Dean Danhieser, Dr. Don Redmond, Dr. Caroline Brackette, Dr. Karen Rowland, Laurie Lankin, Masters and Doctoral students, and a drop-in visit from President Underwood, Senior Vice President for Strategic Initiatives Kellie Appel, and Provost Scott Davis.
  • Dr. John Chalfa, Professor Sydney Chalfa and Dr. Kelly Jones led a workshop on Digital Storytelling/Digital Narrative in Atlanta on September 9, 2016.
    • Attendees included: Dean Danheiser, Dr. Don Redmond, Dr. Karen Rowland along with Mercer Students.
  • Dr. William Randall led a workshop in Atlanta on April 6, 2016 entitled ‘Narrative Care’ putting Theory into Practice
    • The workshop was attended by Dean Danheiser, Laurie Lankin, Tim Craker, Clinton Terry, Don Redmond, Kevin Williams, and Wesley Barker along with doctoral students.


Dr. Wesley Barker attend the 2016 Narrative Matters conference in Vancouver, BC


Adult Siblings of Individuals with Developmental and Psychiatric Disabilities: Relationship Quality, Coping, And Plans for The Future

Margarita Vélez Rice, 2018

Examining Counselors Level of Professional Experience With Adult Attachment Style and Comfort with Emotional Intimacy

Kenika Holloway, 2018

Educated Beyond Adversity: Understanding Resilience and Attachment in Homeless Young Adults Pursuing Higher Education

Felicia Tillman, 2018

The Impact of Immersion Courses in Self-Perceived Multicultural Competence

Mercianna Oliver, 2018

From University to Employment: An Exploration of Employment Barriers and Perceived Stress Levels of Internationals Living in The United States

Terah L. Davis, 2017

The Influence of Age, self-perception of masculinity and femininity, and their interaction on gender expression of cisgender college students

Dela Sweeney, 2015

An Investigation of the Association Between Emotional trauma, perceived stress reactivity, and the growth of uterine fibroids in Nigerian Women

Eniabitobi Kuyinu, 2015

An Examination of the Moderating Effects of Religious Coping Among Adolescents and Young Adults Affected Trauma

Stanley C. Hoover, 2015

Narratives of Perceived Social Support as a Mediator for Increased Coping Resources and Optimism Among Cancer Patients and Survivors

Tavari Taylor Brown, 2015

Islam and Psychological Well-Being  of Middle- Eastern Women Living In United States 
Sanaz Rezaei 2015