Liberal Studies


Mercer's Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies with its individualized major is designed for students who want a bachelor's degree based upon a strong liberal arts foundation for their personal and professional development. It is for students who want to make the best use of previous course work and for those who may have been passed over for professional advancement because of lack of a degree. The B.A. program in Liberal Studies provides an individualized program of study in a select range of courses and fosters students' ability to think critically and constructively in relation to their personal academic goals. Candidates will work with a faculty advisor to plan their degree track as they become self-directed learners.

According to the Association of American Colleges and Universities, "Employers want employees who can adapt over time, be self-directed, and continue to be relevant within the workplace as outcomes and products change." Mercer's B.A. degree in Liberal Studies can help you meet this demand.


Students in the Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies program learn to read and write effectively and speak persuasively, to think critically and creatively, to interpret texts and ideas associated with their program of study, to analyze real world problems, to construct arguments based on evidence, to relate across cultures, and to engage in research and critical analysis within and across disciplines. This degree prepares students for new career opportunities and provides a foundation for graduate and professional study.


The program offers classes in a classroom setting, delivered one night per week, during an eight-week session. Students can comfortably take two classes per week, while maintaining a work-life balance. The program also offers courses online, providing additional options and convenience when scheduling classes. Online classes are taught by the same faculty that students find in our traditional classroom settings.

Locations where the program is offered include:

  • Atlanta
  • Macon
  • Douglas County
  • Henry County