Counseling & Human Sciences

ArtWilliams-Copy-2Welcome to the Department of Counseling and Human Sciences of Penfield College of Mercer University! We appreciate your interest in our programs. At this time, we would like to highlight several of the strengths of our department.

First and foremost, our faculty come from an array of educational backgrounds, work, and life experiences. As a result, they use life experiences to transform the learning process from content to application. They use a variety of teaching modalities, such as multimedia, lecture, discussion, and role plays.

Second, we believe that the strength of Counseling and Human Sciences is that we continue to become self-aware. Many of our courses require that you take a Socratic approach to self. Self-awareness is the key component to becoming a public servant by helping others and leading others.

Third, we provide a flexible approach to majoring in different areas of Human Sciences that include undergraduate majors in Psychology and Human Services. We also provide minors in applied psychology, applied sociology, and human services. In addition, we provide Master of Science degrees in Counseling, Rehabilitation Counseling, School Counseling, which follows the CACREP guidelines, as well as a Master of Science in Human Services. Finally, we offer an education specialist degree in School Counseling and a doctorate degree in Counselor Education and Supervision. All of our programs are geared to prepare students to make a significant impact in their chosen helping profession.

Great leaders make great listeners (or is it, that great listeners make great leaders). Regardless of what degree you are considering, you will notice the common denominator of being exceptional requires listening, verbally or nonverbally.

Arthur J. Williams
Chair of Counseling and Human Sciences 

Professor of Counseling & Human Sciences